Belly Tips


Nearly one third of people with excessive waist circumference is not aware of it. Of those with a lot of fat belly takes 10 percent not overweight themselves. People with a “healthy” weight (according to the BMI index in which the ratio is measured between weight and body height), but with a potbelly, are at increased risk to health. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. A hefty belly has the same risks.
Keep therefore not run with it.


A flat, resilient stomach … That’s what you want. Do not panic: some small, simple tips enough to regain your slim line: Eat healthy and chew food slowly. Eat fiber and too much salt. Ideally, in addition to proper diet also occasionally get exercise (walking, swimming etc.). Take advantage of spring to get some fresh air and make a physical effort. But in winter it is nice walk in the open air! And a resilient, muscular stomach, there are no secrets, you have to exercise the abs! A few minutes a day are enough.


Cramps in the stomach or abdominal pain? Spray with an off for about 10 to 20 min hot shower head on the stomach so that it turns red. Then dry and your tummy disappear.
Whatever help is drinking rooibos tea! Being in South Africa also given to babies.
Another remedy for stomach cramps are eating two to three peppermints. Chew it into chunks, swallowing and the chances are that the cramps disappear.


Does a baby suffering from colic. Then give him a couple of teaspoons of fennel tea. When breastfeeding is convenient that the mother drinks too.


Sleeping on your stomach is bad for you. You because your spine is hollow and strained as your neck and your back. You can not stop it if you unknowingly on your stomach goes to sleep but try to avoid it anyway. Start sleeping on your side or back.

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