Hands Care


The hands are indispensable but by the hard work that they do not always perform better on. But of course you want to keep your hands be healthy and beautiful.

Hand Fitness

Take the stress out of your hands. Relax them by massaging your fingers and palms and hands clench together a few times and spread again. Finally make fists again and tighten a few times clockwise and anticlockwise read more


A slimming line is not only important for your confidence, it is also much healthier. You do not look like that famous movie star, but overweight is something else. Obesity is a major health entail and for that reason alone it deserves the effort to do something on the line to obesity. There are many ways to achieve a slim line and you can read about it on this page. read more

Running-Preventing Overuse Injuries

How can overuse injury be prevented?

Running-Preventing Overuse Injuries

  • You can decrease your risk of injury by following these recommendations:
  • Do not increase running mileage by more than 10% each week.
  • Do not run more than 45 miles each week. There is little evidence that running more than 45 miles per week improves your performance, but there is much evidence to suggest that running more than 45 miles per week increases your risk for an overuse injury.
  • Do not run on slanted or uneven surfaces. The best running surface is soft, flat terrain.
  • Do not run through pain. Pain is a sign that should not be ignored because it indicates that something is wrong.
  • If you feel pain when you run, place ice in the area and rest for 2 or 3 days. If the pain continues for 1 week, see your doctor.
  • After days of heavy training or running days with easy days or workouts.
  • Change your running shoes every 500 miles. After this distance shoes lose their ability to absorb the shock of running.
  • And what about orthotics to reduce the chance of injury?
  • Orthotics are inserted into shoes to correct bad alignment between the foot and calf. You will probably need orthotics if the inside of your foot turns in, this problem is called pronation. If you have bad alignment but no pain with running and you do not suffer from repeated injuries, you probably do not need orthotics. Many world-class athletes with bad alignment do not wear orthotics. Your doctor may suggest orthotics if you have bad alignment and become injured and not relieved by other measures such as rest, ice application, and cross training.

What exercises help prevent or treat injuries?

Before and after a run, perform specific stretching exercises. Look at the pictures below that show stretching exercises. These exercises may also be part of his recovery from injury. Do not bounce with each exercise. Stretch until you feel tension but not pain. read more

Best Top 10 Fitness Tips

Best Top 10 Fitness Tips, Every man should try his body in shape by using some tips and tools. Here are our favorite tips and tools for staying in shape.
Be growing acceptance in your whole body you can push up—hands on the ground, knees off the floor, and push—still be in use. Because it works out, it’s better for your back than crunches, and you can use your raw push up count as a graduated curve toward fitness, as with the Hundred Push Ups program. Some things about getting in shape never get tired. read more

Why is weight gain after marriage?

Why is weight gain after marriage?, transpiration, taking the ad measurement, but does not work? embrace in-laws? Do you think wrong. Fat rise your stress.

Yale School of Public Health and the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research study found the answer. If your partner suffering from stress, then your suffering. Climbing quickly grow fat. So happy marriage? Life partner accepted to mind, right? If not the problem. Fat increase. Weight increase. And it increases the weight of the deadly danger. Heart disease and diabetes. read more

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