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Many health issues are primarily discussed in the family. You care about each other. Of course especially mothers want the best for their children. They can not choose themselves at a young age so you need as parents make good decisions about various health issues.


A child often enough runs a scrape and almost always comes blood running from the wound. This bleeding originated when a blood vessel is ruptured or severed. A gall can best treated by washing it with water and possibly some soap. Look here that you do not rub too much into the wound. Rinse the soap then the wound thoroughly with clean water. If you then do a free iodine disinfectant on the wound, you go against any infections. Finally Put a bandage or a plaster on the wound, so that no dirt can get in. Blood too much, it is wise to consult a doctor.


Children under 5 years are very susceptible to infections because they have not yet built up enough antibodies. Hygiene is therefore for these children is very important. Keeps basic rules, such as for food, wash hands, good eye. And take for example wipes them to clean regularly dirty fingers, children put their fingers quickly in the mouth. But do not overdo it again not, they should be able to build finally be resistance and that can not always have everything in their environment is completely clean.


You can do a few things to get rid of the hiccups. For example, you awhile your breath. That’s a powerful way to break the hiccups. But you can also take a minute regular tiny sips of water. Both are ways to get rid of the hiccups.


After a vaccination can have a child suffering from a painful red spot and the arm or leg which is pinned may be a bit stiff. Furthermore, the child may be some limp or have a fever. Then make sure it gets enough to drink and not dressed too warmly. Usually the symptoms after one or two days away. Children have the first few days after vaccination not more prone to allergies or other illnesses than normal.
If in any case the doctor in case of fever above 40 degrees or if your child is drowsy or weak, or have fits.


Bedwetting is defined as uncontrolled doing a full lake during sleep. If bedplassers are awake, they have no problems. Bedwetting is for those who suffer from it, very disruptive. They are ashamed and do not dare to come out. Fearing to urinate with others in their bed, they do not dare to stay with others, not to go on school camp or build a relationship. Read more about solutions and this can be found on the website: Rodger .


Sometimes a child has once no point in school, no sense in sport or not want to go out. They see it as not sit. Sometimes something will take a few hours; a dip! Sometimes a few days; a dip! Some youngsters who one bad mood lingers, however. These young people have almost nothing more fun and fancy. They may suffer from depression.

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