Garlic, Mistletoe and Hawthorn keep the arteries clean and flexible. Moreover, these herbs help in lowering cholesterol levels. This keeps the normal blood pressure and has good effect on blood circulation. As a result, continues the transport of key construction and nutrients, as well as oxygen in the body well-regulated and amplified at both internal and external symptoms of aging. And a good efficient circulation also increases vitality, gives more energy and increases the resistance.
And you feel very good about it.

red veins

If you suffer from red veins on the face then you should not take baths. The sun you better shine on the face. The face cleaned by dabbing with cold water and sometimes a poultice of lime blossom or chopped parsley on the skin.


Use lots of iron rich foods if you suffer from anemia. Such as red meat, green vegetables, nuts and apples.


Cholesterol is an indispensable substance for the human body. It is necessary to build cells, producing hormones and plays an important role in digestion. But too much LDL cholesterol in the blood is bad for health. Excess cholesterol can build up in the inner walls of blood vessels. These blood vessels can thus clogging (narrowing), which may lead eventually cardiovascular disease.
It is a widespread myth that you get especially high cholesterol by eating eggs. An egg does contain a lot of cholesterol, but eating a lot of saturated fats has much more influence on blood cholesterol levels. A few times a week, an egg can not hurt. But keep in mind that eggs are used in many products (eg. Cake, mayonnaise), so you can quickly eat more than you think.
Tip: If you eat every day sesame seed soup or your sandwich (or something else) is very good for your cholesterol levels. It’s very healthy.

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