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Do you hear that? But if you properly functioning ears. Whether they are large or small ears are very important to humans. Communication simply runs much harder if you’re deaf. It starts when you’re little. Good ears are in fact important for speech and language development of the child. Especially for language development is important that children can hear the soft sounds good on all pitches.


Under ringing in the ears (tinnitus) means the hearing in the main sounds that do not come from the outside. All types of sound are described from wind noise whistling kettles, bells, humming, whistling, ringing and fighter jets to. Almost everyone has sometimes had short-term suffering from tinnitus. For some, tinnitus almost always present and so cumbersome that it is hampered in daily activities. What is the cause of tinnitus, remains mostly unknown.

Pierced ears

If you have holes in your ears or want to pierce a child, you should at least go to a store that has experienced it and where sterile equipment is used. Is it a baby or toddler, then choose earrings that are made especially for children, so they can not hurt to.
Although rarely be complications, there can argue about the appropriate age. When can clearly make a child understands what is going to happen and what the consequences are, it can be assumed that it agrees. A child, however, for whatever reason, seems to have no sense of the situation, can not be deemed to consent to. This applies, of course, especially in very young children. The parent / caregiver may then ask whether he / she does not unnecessarily expose the child to an act that entails the risk of pain and infection.
Here are some tips to prevent local complications:
The area around the hole should be cleaned at least once a day, with any crusts should be removed.
The use of lavender oil wound can make less painful and sensitive.
Be careful not get caught in her earring and make sure it does not touch the hole, because it increases the risk of infection.
Remove the earrings rather not until the wound has not yet healed, and for thereby exacerbating the risk of infection increases.


The most common cause of ear infections during the holidays is swimming in contaminated water; therefore preferably use special earplugs when swimming.

Loud music

With regular exposure of the ears to loud noise occurs after some time hearing damage. This is because the cilia in the auditory organ damage that record the sound loud noise. The more cilia are damaged, how dover you.


Do you know someone who is deaf you would try to sign language may think. But even if you just like to learn something new. You never know when another will come in handy.

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