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Eyes shine out!
Yes, if you’re good about yourself and happy you will see that in the eyes. Eyebrows, tears and eyelashes protect our eyes from external influences such as moisture, sunlight and debris. Despite this protection can still anything happen to your eyes.

Dry eyes

The lacrimal glands (small glands above the eyes) produce tears, which is necessary to keep moist the front of the eyeball. Without moisture you get sore eyes and eyelids, which are also susceptible to infection. It may also be a function disorder: lack of or reduced quality of tears.
This may be caused by old age, use of medication or, for example a blocked lacrimal gland.
The solution may be to adjust the medication or artificial tears to use in the form of eye drops.
The air in the room is humid as there are houseplants. They evaporate water. Also the heating water bowls may well help.


Train your eye muscles to keep moving them smoothly. Two minutes exercise per day, for example, follow an imaginary eight in the air is sufficient to keep the eyes well shaken.


If you suffer from puffy eyes or dab with chamomile tea will still help out.
They are swollen, then pat with a cool used tea bag. Is relaxing and the swelling goes away.


A recent study has shown that eating vegetables is associated with a lower risk of age-related vision loss. Read more piece Healthy eyes fruit .

Carrots for beautiful eyes?

Everyone probably knows the joke: “You should eat carrots because it is good for your eyes. Why? Well, rabbits eat carrots and do you ever rabbit with glasses? “What is this true?
It is true because in carrots is Vitamin A and ensures proper functioning of the eyes, particularly for adjusting in the dark. It is also present in milk, butter and spinach. And vitamin B2 is important for the eyes and is in eg. Apples, cereals and walnuts.


Your eyebrows remain in good shape when they rub gel or fatty cream and then comb.

Bright light

consult Sun can permanently damage the retina. Bright artificial light can cause eyestrain and headaches .. A weaker light or light dimmer may well help. And if you are are photochromic lenses wearer also a good idea to protect the eyes from bright light.

TV and Computer

Your eyes may get tired looking at the computer or TV. Keep them active by now and then to look outside. Then change the distance and the eyes just refocus. Blink also deliberately a few times with the eyes by automatically flashing a look at a long screen is less.

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