Hands Care


The hands are indispensable but by the hard work that they do not always perform better on. But of course you want to keep your hands be healthy and beautiful.

Hand Fitness

Take the stress out of your hands. Relax them by massaging your fingers and palms and hands clench together a few times and spread again. Finally make fists again and tighten a few times clockwise and anticlockwise


For very dirty hands, for example, lubricating oil, wash your hands with liquid soap before applying soap on your hands you do it first thing in coffee grounds.


Especially in the winter you have severe suffer from gaps in your hands. That occur when the skin is extremely dry. Women suffer more than men because women here often wash their hands. You can prevent the cracks by using sufficiently strong moisturizing cream. Certainly wash after each hand.


Snuggle long bath. . . Delicious, but rather keep your hands out of the water. They go very crease and makes the nails weak. But you like it in the water do not worry too much about it because obviously restore your hands and nails again quickly when you’re out of the water.


Remain suspended unpleasant odors on your hands? Rub them with a little balm or lavender bath oil, leave it for a while, rinse, and they smell wonderful weather.

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