Sleep Tips


Everyone needs sleep. The amount varies from person to person. Some people have enough to six hours, others sleep ten hours a night.
Older people usually sleep less and less deep. This is part of the age. It is normal to be awake at times, especially at the morning when sleep is less deep. Insomnia is called only when a person is asleep and frequent bad day – by too little sleep – function less well.

Some tips for a good night’s sleep

Try to relax one hour before going to bed; take a bath, read a book, listen to music.
Do not exercise, do household chores, sit behind the computer or reading in bed just before bedtime.
Maintain good sleep conditions: a good bed in a dark, not too warm, well-ventilated room.
Use earplugs if you suffer from environmental noise.
Do not do afternoon naps, staying awake during the day
eat at night before going to bed not too much and therefore do not drink coffee.
If successful sleep really does not, then get up and do something that relaxes and distracts.

Sleep Disorders

Hours are worrying and can not sleep. Poor sleep at the prospect of an exciting and busy day. Startle awake from a nightmare. Every man sleeps sometimes bad. One or two nights poor sleep is not worrisome. It is different if someone every night heard the clock strike three o’clock every morning exhausted gets out of bed. Then there may be a sleep disorder.

To dream

In your dreams are things that can not in the normal daily life. But if you dream you are convinced that what you see is real. If you’re at work and your boss appears as a pink tent nasty monster, you would at least not a little strange? Normally though. But not in a dream. In a dream is all done quite simply.
Most people believe that dreams are dreams, and you can not do anything about that now. There are even many who are convinced that they do not even dream.
However, it is possible to keep your daily reality in a dream. Read more on Lucid Dreams for everyone . Lucid dreaming is conscious dreaming. Here you can learn how to do it. Yes, it really can, and everyone can learn it.

And what do you dream?

If you’re wondering which is a dream course may be for you! This mini-course is a dream interpretation. You get information about interpreting the symbolism in dreams, dreams which species you have, about dream groups and tips for self-interpreting your dreams. Lots of fun!


The doctor may possibly prescribe short-term sleep medication. But in general, doctors are reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills, because of its disadvantages.
Ordinary means that you can get, you can also order online on the internet at the drugstore.
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